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12 September - 28 NovemberStripped Pizza Zurich

Code Excursion is about peer-to-peer learning with an easy-going and inspiring community.

About the course

During twelve weeks you will learn basic web development and how to build webpages. You will know the basics of the mostly commonly used programming languages for web development and master the tools of web development. After the course you will be able to build simple responsive webpages all by yourself

Who this course is for

The course is for anyone that is curious about how to build websites. This is a beginners course for those who are willing to spend a minimum of 5 hours per week on learning how to code.

What you will learn

  • How to structure content on webpages using HTML
  • How to style webpages using CSS
  • How to build responsive webpages for mobile, tablet and desktop
  • How to add forms to your webpages and what a request is
  • The basics of how to make your webpages interactive using JavaScript
  • Development tools such as Github, VS Code, Netlify, the terminal and more

All you need to know

Price: 1234 CHF

We are meeting every Saturday at 09:00 - 11:30 at Stripped Pizza in Zurich. 

What you get

    • Build one project over three weeks. Learn new skills and build a creative web project every third week. This will then be reviewed by a coach.
    • Triweekly course bundle. Every third week you will get a bundle with new course material including video lectures, readings, a new project brief and practices. Plan your studies around what works for you.
    • Weekly knowledge sharing session. Meet weekly to share knowledge, demo your projects and code together.
    • Get support from our community. Join our community of hundreds other people that are learning how to code. Ask for help in our slack channel or get inspired by everything that gets shared on a daily basis.

    Register for fall 2020


    Do I have to have any pre-requisites? No – you can be an absolute beginner!

    What should I expect from the meetings?  It will be around 10 - 20 women meeting weekly at Stripped Pizza, having coffee and each working on their own skills via online course. The online course is video-based with projects that you complete by yourself and the help of the mentors. It is very important to us to get you up to speed on how web development on the job works so you will find solutions by yourself as well as with your peers and the mentors.

     I already know that I am going to miss a few meetings. Can I still join? Definitely! The course is built in a way that you can learn when and where you want and still get access to mentors!

    I'm stuck - what should I do? If you are stuck during the Code Excursion ask one of the available mentors on site. If you are working from home, turn to our community on Slack for help if you need help while not being on-site There’s also a FAQ added to each project with the most asked questions

    Why do I have to write a motivation to join? We want to get to know you a little bit and make sure that we have the same learning philosophy.

    Do I have to finish the course in a certain amount of time? Once you buy the course, you can access the course material for one year after the course started. However, if you want to follow the Code Excursion meet-ups we highly recommend you to follow the course and your classmates.

    How should I plan my time during the course? All material except for the meet-ups is online and in a selfstudy format. You can plan your study time however you like, but we recommend that you keep to the triweekly schedule to get most out of the meetups.

    What will I be able to do after the course? You will be able to build basic responsive websites using primarily HTML and CSS. You will master the most commonly used tools by developers and you will know some JavaScript to keep experimenting with after the course.

    What if we are not allowed to meet in a bigger group by September 2020? If that should be the case, the courses will be held remotely.

    Register for fall 2020

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    Code Excursion is an initiative to get more women into tech. We are a peer-to-peer learning community that focuses on a flexible, easy-going and fun learning environment.