20 September - 13 DecemberZurich & St.Gallen

Code Excursion is about learning in a flexible way with an inspiring and fun community.

How it works

For 3 months a group of motivated women, follows a highly trusted online course and learns what it means to speak "tech" and get hands-on experience with programming languages, frameworks and libraries. 

There will be keynote speakers to talk about technology-related topics so that one can get a better understanding of how things work on the job. 

All is set in a beautiful location and a great community so that you can just come and concentrate on the learning part. Together it is all not that scary!

Track 1: Build your website

In this track you will learn how to build a website from scratch (also called Front-End Web Development).

After the course you will:

  • understand what the following means and
    • be confident creating a responsive and dynamic website using HTML, CSS and JavaScript
    • use Bootstrap, CDN and Dom Manipulation
    • feel comfortable working with arrays, functions and objects
  • be able to build your own website
  • talk confidently to anyone about tech-topics

If you didn't understand any of these words above, don't worry! This is course is suitable for complete beginners but also anyone needing a refresher in front-end web development.

Hint: We will follow a full-stack online course, so if you are already more advanced, you are very welcome to join and skip over some parts to the back-end. 


Track 2: Intro to Python

In this track you will make sense of terms like "data science" and "machine learning" and get hands-on experience around these topics. 

You will:

  • learn the basics of object-oriented programming
  • write code in Python that makes your life a little bit more convenient
  • talk confidently to anyone about AI, machine learning and data science

This is course is suitable for anyone who wants to learn the number one programming language currently used. Not to say the least, it is heavily used in Artificial Intelligence but also it is literally everywhere! From testing microchips at Intel, to Instagram, to video games. It’s tiny, similar to the English language, and has hundreds of existing third-party libraries. What more can Python do?


Where & When?


We prove that cool stuff also happens in St.Gallen and launch together with Stripped Pizza
We invite you to be part our kickoff-project and make the first steps into programming together with a bunch of great women. 

  • Every Saturday  starting September 22 until December, 15 between 9 - 11:30 at their restaurant opening in September at Unterer Graben. 

Zurich (fully booked -  sign up to our newsletter to stay tuned for upcoming courses & workshops)

We will be a group of women who learn front-end web development and python.

  • Every Thursday from September 20 until December 13 between 18 - 20:30.
  •  Zurich Niederdorf, at Karl der Grosse. 

Why should I join?

Do you feel like it is time to learn something?

Want to make curious and inspiring new friends?

Are you curious about browsers, websites and how it all works?

Do you love design?

Are you interested in Artificial Intelligence?

Unsure what to study?

Do you like green smoothies and yoga? 

Want to know how to become a developer? 

If you answered 2 of the above with: YES! this is for you! 

Having understood nothing about programming in Summer 2017, we can tell you that together it is possible to do it! We know because we started in September 2017 in Stockholm and had a great response that we want to continue in Switzerland. 

Still not sure? Check out the reviews from Stockholm.

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